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Banana Honey Bug Jelly (3 pack)

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Roach World Bug Jelly™ is our innovative fresh fruit and vegetable supplement for frugivore insects like roaches, crickets, millepedes, flightless fruit flies, and even some fruit eating lizards like crested geckos.

Each jelly pot is packed with ripe fruits and vegetables preserved in our semi firm gel. Our jelly pots last for weeks.. even months in a warm humid enclosure without molding or spoiling which makes them the ultimate replacement for fresh fruits and veggies when you don’t have the time to replace spoiled food on a daily basis.

In addition to lasting way longer than using fresh produce, our gels won’t melt even in enclosures that are kept well over 90℉. They provide an additional source of moisture and the smell and soft texture is irresistible to your feeders.

Our larger 4oz containers are best used for larger colonies.

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