dubialicious roach & cricket chow bundle kit
dubialicious roach & cricket chow bundle kit
dubialicious roach & cricket chow bundle kit
dubialicious roach & cricket chow bundle kit

Dubialicious Roach & Cricket Chow Bundle Kit

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Healthy Pets Start With Healthy Feeders!

Our premium roach and cricket chow was developed with the health of your pets ( and ours ) in mind. We DON'T include any fillers like corn or processed products like cereals, dog food, cat food, fish flakes, or chicken feed. These products are not only inferior quality but contain chemicals and preservatives that aren't healthy for your feeders OR your pets.

Bug Jelly™ is our innovative fresh fruit and vegetable supplement for frugivore insects like roaches, crickets, millipedes, flightless fruit flies, and even some fruit eating lizards like crested geckos.

Each jelly is packed with ripe fruits and vegetables preserved in our semi firm gel. Our jellies last for weeks.. even months in a warm humid enclosure without molding or spoiling which makes them the ultimate replacement for fresh fruits and veggies when you don’t have the time to replace spoiled food on a daily basis.

Bundle Kit includes: 1/2 LB Bag Chow, 1 Cup of Bug Jelly™, 1 oz of Water Crystals

Our Healthy Ingredients

Most brands hide their roach food ingredients list. We show it proudly!

Whole Oats

wheat in roach food

Wheat Middlings

beets in roach food

Beet Pulp

soy in roach food

Soybean Hulls

alfalfa in roach food

Dried Alfalfa

milk in roach food

Nonfat Milk

flaxseed in roach food


yeast in roach food

Brewer's Yeast

bee pollen in roach food

Bee Pollen

molasses in roach food

Blackstrap Molasses

banana in roach food

Dried Banana

spiralina in roach food


carrot in roach food

Dried Carrot

potato in roach food

Sweet Potato

strawberry in roach food


calcium in roach food

Calcium Carbonate

Frequently Asked...

What does it smell like?

Roach chow naturally smells like its strongest smelling ingredients. So our blend smells like sweet grass mixed with berries and a hint of algae. This is because alfalfa, freeze dried fruit, and spirulina produce the strongest fragrance. Most brands we have tried in the past either smell like dog/cat food or chicken feed and that is because those are the primary ingredients. Your nose will tell the difference and so will your insects!

What does the Ca:P ratio mean?

Ca:P ratio is the ratio of Calcium to Phosphorus in a food source. Both minerals are important for the health and well being of your pet but it is vitally important to maintain a significantly higher Calcium than Phosphorus intake to prevent bone issues in reptiles. We use calcium rich ingredients like alfalfa, beets, and even milk to keep a solid 2.3 to 1 Ca:P ratio. Many pet owners dust their feeders with addition calcium and that is still suggested even with a gut load of our food but we include additional calcium in our diet so it is safe to reduce the dusting in half if you choose.

Why isn't there a bunch of added vitamins in your food?

This is by design. Every reptile and amphibian species has its own unique needs and in many instances common vitamins will be harmful to certain types of pets. The natural levels of these vitamins in our ingredients is safe but artificially adding additional vitamins can be disastrous. A prime example is the bearded dragon, which is highly sensitive to Vitamin A. The natural amounts in plant matter are safe but if we added additional Vitamin A, the gut loaded roaches or crickets wouldn't be healthy for a beardie.

What pets can eat insects gut loaded with your roach chow?

Some of the most popular pets that benefit are Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Chameleons, White's Dumpy Tree Frogs, Dart Frogs, and most other species of frogs and toads.

Although not spoken about as often, gut loaded Dubia roaches and crickets are also great for some rodent species as a supplement but NOT staple food source such as hedge hogs and hamsters. You shouldn't purchase a large quantity of roaches and food to start a colony until you know for sure that your rodents like them though it varies.

Why is the right amount of protein important?

Protein is a highly debated issue among roach owners and reptile enthusiasts. We prefer to start with the generally accepted facts - high protein (over 20%) generates uric acid & uric acid is bad for most reptiles. The debate comes down to differing opinions on ideal protein amount. We see heated discussions about this but the truth is most of the debate is all opinions. We built our diet around the findings of one of the few scientific studies directly involving the Dubia Roaches. The primary purpose wasn't to study protein but it was necessary for their tests.  The study was funded by Wageningen University.